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Why is VR more effective than 

video or text for career exploration?

You don't watch something in virtual reality, you experience it. The visceral experiences we have created are as close as you can come to a job shadowing and informational interview experience without actually being there.
Better Comprehension
VR allows students to be fully immersed in an experience. When they are put in the middle of a scenario it allows them to empathize with the professional, visualize the workplace and ultimately better understand what a role would be like.
93% of students said they could better comprehend what a job would be like in VR when compared to a traditional 2D career video. 
More engaging
In short, students actually want to use VR. What makes it such a compelling medium is 'presence'. The moment when the user completely forgets the VR headset they are wearing and believes that they are somewhere else.
91% of students said that they found the Work Window VR platform to be more engaging than video or text for career exploration. 
Distraction Free 
In a world full of distractions, the all-encompassing nature of VR means that students will remain focused on the content in front of them.
 88% of students found our VR experience to be easier to focus on in comparison to standard 2D videos. 
Measurable data 
With virtual reality, we can collect data about the way in which the user interacts with the experience. This provides useful insights that career counsellors can utilise to more effectively advise their clients. 
86% of students said that they felt more confident to organise physical job shadowing/work experience after trying the Work Window platform.
Increases confidence 
By simulating the experience of job shadowing and undertaking an informational interview, we aim to inspire the confidence in students to take the next steps and organise physical work experience to further explore a career. 
Personalised Experience 
In our interactive experiences, the user has agency over what they would like to see and ask the professional. This allows for a personalized experience for each user. 
Improved Retention 
Studies have shown that information is recalled with greater accuracy when learned in virtual reality in comparison to traditional computer-based-training or normal 2D videos. 

What careers are available on Work Window?

We currently feature 24 careers across a broad range of industries, and will continue to grow this list into the future.

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