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Our story began through our own struggle to decide on a career path.

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The story of Work Window started when I was studying engineering at university, and I had to choose a specialization to major in.


I was undecided about the branch of engineering I wanted to pursue and figured I’d reach out to local engineering companies to see if I could arrange job shadowing to learn more about the day to day realities of my different options. I reached out to a number of local engineering companies, but unfortunately, no one took me up on my request. It quickly became apparent that it was not commercially viable for industry to dedicate any significant time to providing job shadowing opportunities to students. They had a business to run, and they couldn’t justify the time or risk associated with meeting with students to show them around and answer their questions.


This problem was further compounded by the fact that neither my parents or I had any contacts we could draw on in this industry. In addition to that, as a student with a busy schedule, it was difficult to find the time to organise such experiences where I could explore my career options. 

It was from my frustration with this experience that I had my 'aha!' moment. I realised that you could get many of the same insights and benefits from undertaking a job shadowing experience in virtual reality as you would in person. If you can’t be there in person, then the next closest thing is to experience a job in virtual reality!

Cam Martin
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We've recently launched our application and are starting to expand our customer base. We work with career practitioners in a high school, university and private practice setting to provide their students or clients with engaging, informative and immersive experiences so they can gain insight into the world of work.


We're the first comprehensive virtual reality career exploration platform available in the world and we couldn’t be more excited to help our users make more informed career decisions, and as a result (hopefully) live more fulfilling lives. 

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