Subscription Pricing

We've tiered our subscription offerings to cater to the different ways you may want to use Work Window. If you're unsure about which tier would be most suitable for your organisation, please get in touch here

Platform Subscription 

VR Headset & Basic Platform Package 

With this option, we'll include 1x 256 GB Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset to spread out the cost of investing in the hardware across two years.

300 unique users per year


Annual Subscription.

For the high school or private practice wanting to dip their toes into the world of Virtual Reality Career Resources.

Use Work Window on 1 VR headset

Platform Subscription 

1500 unique users per year

Use Work Window up to 5 VR headsets

Want to use Work Window on more than 5 headsets? Request to upgrade your STANDARD subscription to use our platform on Unlimited headsets 


Annual Subscription.

For the high school or private practice who wants to use virtual reality career resources with more users, and/or in a group setting with multiple VR headsets.


Annual Subscription.

For universities and larger training organisations. 

Request new careers to be added to the platform

Platform Subscription 

Platform Subscription 

Unlimited Users

Use Work Window on an Unlimited number of VR headsets

Customise the careers available on your platform to correspond with the degrees you offer

Pricing FAQ:

Q: How does the subscription work? Do I purchase the headset separately? 
A: Yes, you will need to purchase both the VR headset(s), and a subscription to Work Window. We also have the option of purchasing a subscription and headset package, where you can spread out the cost of the hardware over a two year period.
Q: Can I use Work Window on any Virtual Reality headset?
A: No, we have developed the application specifically for use on a Oculus Quest 2.
Q: What does "unique users per year" mean? 
A: This is the number of different students that can use Work Window in a calendar year. For example, in the Basic Subscription tier, there are 300 unique users per year included, meaning that over a year up to 300 different students (around 2 cohorts depending on grade size) can use Work Window as many times as they want. 
Q: Can I learn more about the Virtual Reality headsets that you use? 
A: Yes, more information can be found here about the Oculus Quest 2 headset, and why we use this device.
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