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The future of career exploration

We help career practitioners to provide their students, or clients with insight into the world of work, through Virtual Reality experiences so they can make more informed career decisions.

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A window into
the world
of work

Two Students wearing Virtual Reality Headsets and using the Work Window application to explore their Career Opportunities
Frustrated by how difficult it was to find the time or contacts to engage with industry to explore our career options, and the unengaging traditional career resources available, we started Work Window so students could access the experiences that they actually want to use to help decide on a career path.
Through interactive virtual reality job shadowing and informational interview experiences, we transport students to the workplaces of their interest. Work Window allows them to feel like they are really there, in order to narrow in on their career options, and build the confidence to take the next steps in their career development journey.

Expose students to the world of work without the headaches

Research shows that 68% of Career Advisors want greater contact with employers and industry so they can more effectively advise students. 

Covid related challenges, reduced work experience opportunities, increased complexity with work-based learning requirements, and an already crowded academic curriculum have made it more difficult for students to connect with industry and explore the world of work. Work Window offers a better alternative. 

Who uses our platform? 

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We work with universities 🎓, high schools 🏫, and private career development practices 🏢 to provide their students or clients with an engaging, informative, and immersive means to explore their career options.

Career Exploration is a vital step in the career development process, but it's only one aspect of comprehensive career development. 


To ensure our users receive thorough career guidance, we're integrating our platform into these organizations. 

What are career practitioners saying about Work Window? 

A Profile Picture of Richelle Staley Careers Counsellor

Richelle Staley

Careers Counsellor at

Lourdes Hill College 

Work Window is providing our students with the chance to explore a range of careers without having to leave the school grounds.  Our students have been loving the opportunity to be able to feel as though they are present in a variety of different jobs and workplaces and they enjoy the chance the program provides to explore pathways they may not have considered.


The feedback from students has been wonderful and they love the immersive technology. I had one student say to me recently, “that was so much better than reading about a job online - I actually got to watch someone performing the role”. Others have commented on the fact that the experience showed them aspects of a role that they didn’t know existed.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Work Window to assist students in their career exploration as it is a valuable tool that can assist them in their career development journey.

A Profile Picture of Careers Counsellor Paul Moscos

Paul Moscos

Careers Counsellor at

St Laurence's College 

What really appealed about Work Window, was the fact that it was delivered by Virtual Reality technology. This technology allows our students to explore careers in a really immersive and interactive way which is quite different to how they would traditionally explore careers through online websites or information in brochures and booklets.  The feedback from our students has been very positive - they've engaged actively with the platform and many have expressed how much they enjoyed using Virtual Reality technology. 


I really like that it's been easy to use, particularly in terms of showing the students how to use it. Cam and the team at Work Window have been really supportive in setting up the program to be able to run it effectively with our students. I'd definitely recommend that people look into using it to see how it could fit within their school context.

How does this fit into the career development process?

A Student wearing a virtual reality headset and enjoying using the Work Window application

Work Window is not a replacement for physical job shadowing or work experience. The skills practiced by a student to enquire about job shadowing, meet with a professional face to face, and expand their network are all vitally important.


Instead, Work Window is a stepping stone to such physical experiences. Students can narrow in on their options, work out what they want to do physical work experience in, and build the confidence to take the next steps.

A Wide Range of Virtual Reality Career Experiences

Help students and job seekers experience a range of industries and careers, including Engineers, Accountants, Carpenters and even Park Rangers!

Why we think Work Window is the future of career exploration.

Saves time and money
A subscription to Work Window removes the need to undertake the time-consuming process of establishing and maintaining relationships with industry partners to facilitate job shadowing or work experience opportunities for your students or clients. 
Builds confidence
It's important for students to practice the skills required to organise job shadowing, meet with a professional face-to-face, and expand their network. In reality, this can be intimidating for some young people. Work Window allows students to feel like they have already met the professionals and visited the workplaces to empowers them with the confidence to organize physical work experience.
Overcomes legal issues 
Many jobs that have been declared high-risk industries will require the student to be directly supervised at all times or are not legal at any time. Work Window allows students to experience what these jobs would be like.
Organisation branding
Position your organisation to be seen as an innovative and forward-thinking leader in this space. Differentiate yourself from competitors by adopting a unique and innovative technology to support your students or clients. 
We're leveraging the immersive and engaging nature of the virtual reality medium to create a unique, interactive, and informative experience that students actually want to use. 
Experience jobs in any location
Students can be limited to jobs available in their local area due to logistical issues. Work Window allows students to gain insight into careers regardless of their geographical location. 
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Access to leading organisations
Provide your students or clients with access into world-leading organizations across a broad range of industries and inspire them to dream big. 
Student application
There are well-established links between the goals and ambitions of young people, and their long term work outcomes. Work Window allows students to discover careers which they can aspire to, and give them the motivation they may need to apply themselves to achieve this goal. 
Narrows the search
When a student has no idea of which career they want to pursue, it's unrealistic to expect them to undertake job shadowing experiences or informational interviews in every industry. We empower students to narrow their search and determine which profession they want to gain physical work experience in.  
Available to all 
Job shadowing, work experience, and informational interview opportunities are limited, often resulting in only a select few who are lucky enough to participate. The Work Window platform is scalable and can be experienced by all students or clients.
Works with student schedules
Student's busy schedules can make it difficult to find time to arrange job shadowing or informational interview experiences. Our platform can provide many of the same insights from these in-person experiences, without the time-consuming process of finding willing companies and professionals to provide these opportunities. 

Virtual Reality Job Interview Simulator

Empowering students and job seekers to transition into employment by honing job interviewing skills in Virtual Reality.

Available now! 🎉🎉🎉

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A group of students wearing virtual reality headsets to explore their career opportunities in our Work Window application

Why do we use 
Virtual Reality?

What makes virtual reality such a compelling medium for helping students to explore their career options?

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